Online Portfolio of London based African Visual Artist asiko

In the Woman Code I delve into the the symbolic meanings and design of Adire textiles; which are resist-dyed fabrics made up of complex symbols and patterns that convey specific meanings. The artwork encodes messages and proverbs which were used to communicate information and influence the unfolding of events.

During the history of adire, women were not allowed to speak and express their opinions in public by the ruling class of men in the society. Adire symbols on fabric were used as a communication and expression mechanism among the Yoruba women of south-western Nigeria to overcome these barriers of patriarchy.
In the work I strip away the symbols off the fabric onto female form highlighting its truest meaning and origin. It is an allegory of the woman wearing and expressing her subjugated voice and beliefs; it’s a symbolic expression of her true self and the wider community and language of women.
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